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Updated BTTA Constitution - September 2020

Name: Brentwood Towers Tenants’ Association (BTTA)

Nature: The Association is a non-profit organization

1. Constitution

a.  To safeguard members’ rights as tenants under their agreements with the landlord and under provincial and municipal legislation.

b.  To provide for closer communication and a closer relationship between management and tenants.

c.  To work to improve security, maintenance and other matters of concern to tenants.

d.  To help create a sense of community among tenants.

e.  To act as a liaison with other tenant groups.

f.  To assist tenant members who have a particular problem in being heard by management and/or other tenants so that solutions can be identified and tried.

g.  To be committed to accessibility and equality among tenants.


2. Memberships

a.  Membership is open to all tenants living at 17, 19, 21, 23, and 25 Lascelles Boulevard.

b.  Membership is not open to the property’s owners, members of their immediate family, their employees or agents.

c.  Membership is ten dollars ($10.00) per year, with one membervote per apartment unit.   Fees are payable upon joining the association no later than May 31st each year.

d.  The fiscal period of the Association shall commence in the primary year May 1st inclusive to April 30th of the following year.

e.  If a new tenant moves into Brentwood Towers and signs a lease the month of the annual general meeting, they can register and vote at the BTTA AGM.

3. Membership Meetings

General Meetings will be held only at the call of the Executive or a quorum of members by petition, at least one (1) per year with at least two weeks’ notice to all members.

The Annual General Members’ Meeting will include a financial report submitted by the Treasurer that has been reviewed by independent Trustees that may or may not be members in good standing, excluding members of the Executive.  The Trustee’s sole role for the next year will be voted on at that meeting.

4. Quorum

General Meetings will have a quorum of twenty (20) current members present.

5. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will consist of the following ten (10) members to be elected once a year at a general meeting.

1.  President

2.  Vice-President

3.  Secretary

4.  Treasurer

5.  One (1) representative from each building.

6.  Membership Development Chair

The President will be the Chairperson for all meetings.

The Vice President will act in place of the President if he/she is unable to attend a meeting.

The Secretary will record proceedings.

The Treasurer will be responsible for the Association’s finances.

Each Building Representative will be the liaison for the building they represent.

a.  A member of the Executive Committee who is absent for more than two (2) meetings in a row, without giving notice to the Secretary and having it accepted by the Executive will be assumed to have resigned from the Executive.

b.  The Executive will make rules and regulations regarding the Association, by a majority vote.  Such rules and regulations will be agreed to or overturned at the next General Meeting of the Association.

c.  The Executive will meet at least six (6) times a year, or more often if instructed by the members at a General Meeting.

d.  Other Committees may be set up by the Executive and/or the members at a General Meeting.  The activities of these committees must be approved by the Executive or at a General Meeting.

e.  The Executive may appoint an executive position or building representative if a position is vacant.

6. The Removal of Executive Members

a. The quorum required for a vote for the removal of an Executive Member shall be 100% of sitting members of the Executive.  A majority vote of 75% will be required for the removal of an Executive Member.

b. Consistently acting contrary to the constitution and/or the best interests of the BTTA, or interference with the proper functioning of the BTTA Executive, despite clear and repeated warnings, shall be considered as grounds for the removal of an Executive members.

7. Signing Officers

The signing officers of the Association will be the President, Treasurer, and one other Executive member appointed as bank signing officers by the Committee.

Two (2) signatures of these three (3) will be required for banking purposes.

8. The Preservation of Brentwood Towers as a Rental Property

No BTTA Executive or any individual member of a BTTA Executive shall adopt, promote, or otherwise consent to endorse the conversion of Brentwood Towers to a condominium residence.

Updated September 2020

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