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Meet The BTTA Executive Team

Christine Skobe



Vice President

Susan Savoie


Mark Ansel


Newsletter Design & Layout

Trevor Reivo


Membership Chair

Karen Lenk

Building 17 Representative

Catharine McDonald

Building 19 Representative

Maria Slavikova

Building 21 Representative

Jean-Olivier Richard

Building 23 Representative

Claire & Vincent Beau

Building 25 Representative




President's Welcome

On behalf of the Executive, I’d like to welcome you to the Brentwood Towers Tenants' Association. The community is vibrant and rich in knowledge and life experience, spanning five buildings where some two thousand residents live. We are active in advocating for our members and our community at large, both with our landlord, O’Shanter, and our local representatives (City Councillors, MPP and MP).

The BTTA supports safe and livable streets so that our residents may live actively now and in the future. We invite you to get in touch, volunteer, or attend events that we have throughout the year. Our new Fun Committee is always looking for new and unique ideas to bring the community together. We also hold an annual Big Garage Sale, an Annual General Meeting, and a Winter Food Drive.

The Brentwood Towers Tenants’ Association was formed by tenants, for tenants. We thank the many passionate and dedicated members who have made the association what it is today, and we hope to uphold that legacy into the future. We work for you.


Christine Skobe
BTTA President

Mission Statement

The BTTA protects tenants’ rights and educates the community on fair housing. Our vision is to make our community open to all without discrimination and free of landlord-tenant disputes.


Welcome to the Community


Operating under the philosophy that everyone has a right to safe, decent, fair, and affordable housing, the Brentwood Towers Tenants' Association fights for tenant rights in our community, and beyond.


Our events focus on community togetherness and involvement, while coupled with our legal efforts to fight above guideline rent increases for all our neighbours. We aim as well to support tenants when they have building issues, so no one has their needs go unanswered whenever we can help.

Join us today to be a part of our community organization for just $15/year!

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